A self-funded strategy provides flexibility to design a plan that works for you.

We start our work by learning about your organization. What are your needs and challenges? What is your workforce like? Are there compliance issues to be addressed? The answer to these questions help us to design an employee benefits program specific to your company's needs.

A high performance health plan is a long term solution that provides high quality care while controlling cost. Key components to a high performance health plan include; direct primary care, independent third party advisor, transparent pharmacy benefit manager, cost and quality data, clear advisor fees and patient navigation.

The move from a traditional health insurance plan to a high performance plan requires communication at all levels to familiarize the group with a new approach and encourage participants to take a more active role in their healthcare. A unique communication strategy is created for each group.

It’s a team effort! We work with Third Party Administrators who regularly audit claims and provide enhanced claims analysis and reporting. By closely monitoring claims data we identify cost containment and educating opportunities to address potential high cost claims. Together we strategize on what steps you can take as a company to protect your plan.

Employee benefits and HR go hand in hand. Our goal is to make you an employer of choice by offering an attractive employee benefit package. We assist with supporting HR policies and compliance needs. Finally, we help establish streamline administrative processes to reduce errors and time spent on benefit administration.